We strive to make your visit both informative and enjoyable. The Northeast Missouri Genealogical Society was organized in 1990.

  1. Its purpose is to increase the education and knowledge of members of the Society and the public in Family history, genealogical records and the scientific principles of genealogical research.
  2. To advocate the preservation of statewide, local and Family history in libraries accessible to public use.
  3. To promote access to genealogical records held in the state by private and public organizations.
  4. To advise members of the Society with respect to their rights to public records.
  5. To advocate the preservation of public and private records relating to family history and genealogy.
  6. Cooperate, coordinate and communicate with other organizations in furtherance of mutual objectives.
  7. To assist in the forming of new county societies within the area covered by the Northeast Missouri Genealogical Society.